Bryant Benoit

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States

Bryant Benoit was born and raised in Lafayette, LA. He studied architecture at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

As a self-taught artist, I began my journey into the art world in 2009. My perception of the African Diaspora & the Creole Culture is expressed through my work. I am a "Storyteller". My paintings consist of several storylines within each piece.

My medium is mixed media collage, with paper & acrylic. I found working within a collage gives me the range & depth to deliver the perception I'm conveying. The paper is used for texture & symbolism. My perception of reality is found in the endless photography that is produced every day.

There is a real message in photos that speak to me subliminally. I love placing photos of feelings and energy into my work, as I paint the same energy. Like two opposites saying the same message. I combine the 2 forms to tell the story of my people, my culture, my life and my feelings.

The paintings I create consist of many layers. I layer smaller images of pictures with layers of acrylic paint to capture the feelings and vibrations of my message.

I use color also to create; being that each color has meaning and vibrations. The photos I use are words mentally and give the viewer a personal definition and meaning based on their own relationship to that image. Combinations of all the images and concepts of my acrylic work convey the intention behind the creation of each piece.

I construct each painting piece by piece. In addition to the mixed media collage on the front of the canvas, I sometimes use building techniques with the use of multiple canvases. With a background in construction, I started constructing my paintings similar to the way I built buildings. Each painting starts with a theme, words, a vibration, color & emotion. If I am building the canvas for a piece, I adjoin 4 canvases together to present the piece or I may use a double canvas to give the effect of additional layers to the painting. Each piece is the construction of an idea.

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