Benoit Burke

Did my French Moustache make you run away?

Personality: I am simple minded, artistic, with one hand on the keyboard at all times. I like bloody steak, any kind of music but country and take great pleasure in annoying people by guessing what kind of fonts are used in movies at the theater. I wear my emotions on my sleeves but I am a great listener. Comedian at times, I like dishing out TV refrences like the're going out of stock. My friends are getting tired of me always saying "that's what she said".

Profession: I currently work in the web industry, specializing my self more and more. I'm up to 2 degree's and have earned the titles web designer / developer / SEO analyst.

Pastime: I'm a gamer. I mostly do console but I do have a MMORPG account which does not consume me. I keep my self in tip top shape by working out daily and eating right as often as I can with the odd exception here and there.