Benoit Emery


Grew up in Valais. Moved to Lausanne. Left my parents with 15 to go to Zürich (wonderful place btw).

Then, learned some Web, Graphics, Economics, Marketing basics with the apprenticeship of Mediamatician (médiamaticien, Mediamatiker).

Moved to Geneva to work for as Communication officer/IT officer/E-learning producer in the field of banking compliance.

Next to my professional life, I met StartUpWeekend and almost felt in love with the concept, participated to the 3 first events in Switzerland and pitched the idea of at the 3rd ... we decided to build the website and launch it for the end of 2012, but we kindda failed because politicians didn't like our idea.

Next to that I do websites. Take a look at,,, or to see what I do.

... and sports, mostly beach volleyball in summer, snowboarding in winter and indoor volleyball the rest of the time.

  • Work
    • Medimatician
  • Education
    • CFC Matu Pro Commerciale HEG (in progress ...)