Benoy Berry

Since founding Continental Transfer Technique Limited in 1984, Benoy Berry has involved himself in a number of fields, including security technology development and the energy and hospitality industries. As the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Contec Global Group, Benoy Berry manages all operations, which take place on four different continents. In the company's early years, he worked primarily as a securities technology developer. Contec is now increasingly focusing its efforts on alternative energies.

Many of Contec's current projects center on strengthening infrastructure in national economies as well as the global economy. One such endeavor Benoy Berry oversees is the Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Alien Card plan, implemented in Nigeria in 1999. The goal of the project is to develop more secure identification documents for foreign residents, allowing the country to better control its borders. The three-stage implementation process has resulted in the availability of identification documents at dozens of banks throughout Nigeria.

A naturalized citizen and current resident of Lagos, Nigeria, Benoy Berry has worked in the country for other companies, including Morgan Stanley and Philip Morris International, undergoing management training and directing marketing efforts locally.

Benoy Berry prepared for a professional career at the University of Delhi in India, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics while earning first class honours. Benoy Berry went on to obtain a Master of Arts in finance from the University's Delhi School of Economics, ranking on the Roll of Honours merit list, and he completed his education with a Doctorate in Communications and Arts through World Open University.