Benoy Thapa

Darjeeling Tea Specialist in Darjeeling, India

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Hi! I am Benoy Thapa, just another ordinary guy from the hilly region of Darjeeling, India. I love photography, though am not at all skilled at taking those so called 'professional shots', but would like to 'click and learn'. I love traveling and visiting new places, preferably close to nature. Simply love Darjeeling Tea and this very passion paved way for "Thunderbolt Tea", a Darjeeling Tea company which I run. Darjeeling has three distinct tea seasons, Darjeeling First Flush, Darjeeling Second Flush and Autumn Flush (Moonsoon time Darjeeling Tea are also categorized as "Moonsoon Teas", but rather skip it due to its lower quality) and normally get my tongue burnt during every new tea season tasting varieties of Darjeeling Teas from various Darjeeling Tea gardens - Only the best is chosen and offered.

However, Thunderbolt Tea has an official Darjeeling Tea Blog of its own where it updates about its products, news and Darjeeling Tea stories. I do most of the updates there. :)

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