Ben Petty

Student in Athens, GA

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The summer of a lifetime is how I would describe summer 2019. These people are my best friends, and we decided for one last time before college, to do summer like we have never done it before. As much as we were ready to move on, we knew we were going to miss each other dearly so we had the make the most of the time we had left. It began with three close friends and I heading to Bonnaroo music festival in Manchester, Tennessee. We had a fantastic time seeing all the great artist, camping, and hanging out for four days. Later in the summer, twenty daring souls hopped into their cars to go to Panama City Beach. We were staying in a small, quaint vacation home that clearly couldn't fit us all. It obviously was not an idea the parents loved, but we made it happen. Although our place was small and we did not have our parent's blessing, this did not hinder our energy and enthusiasm. In fact, I developed a closer relationship with these friends than ever before. After the beach trip, I also endured a hiking and camping trip to Mt. Yonah with some of these people. Although we had heavy gear and accidentally went on the most treacherous path, it was a fun time and gave us a great story to tell.

My adventures with my best friends helped shape me and inspire me to reach outside of my comfort zone, and to make as many memories as possible. These fantastic people taught me the value of friendship, and I learned how much they meant to me. I hope the stories and memories do not stop as I move to college and make new friends.