Ben Plum Evolve Motorcycles

New York, Ny

Evolve Motorcycles set out to create a new type of vehicle; an electric motorcycle that could both be aesthetically pleasing from a design standpoint, while also being environmentally friendly and efficient. Evolve Motorcycles is made up of a team of engineers, designers, and artists that have developed several concepts and commercially sold completely electronic motorcycles. Evolve is 100% electric, uses no gas or oil, produces zero emissions, and is made in the U.S.A.

Evolve Motorcycles was founded by Ben Plum and Lex Kendall, forming a partnership based on a passion for transforming the urban transportation experience by making it more efficient and more. All motorcycle and sustainability enthusiasts, one of the main focuses at Evolve Motorcycles is an attention to detail to make sure that every part of the motorcycle is perfectly arranged. It's quiet purr as it rides is perfectly reflective of it's sleek and sexy aesthetic appeal.

Ben Plum, managing director at Evolve Motorcycles, explains how the two-wheel culture was making a comeback, thus inspiring the idea to get into the market:

“We realised this generation simply were not buying cars in the same way their parents were – 75% of people under 21 would rather have an I-pad over a car – they’re sharing vehicles, or living an urban-centric lifestyle or riding bicycles as an environmental choice. We saw an opportunity for an affordable revolutionary product, which would align with the aspirations of a highly mobile, environmentally and design conscious crowd.”

The result was manifested in a series of electronic vehicles (EV's); designs that were stylish with a range of models all named aptly after the lighter elements on the periodic table. The Helium model can travel at speeds up to 40 mph, and, thanks to a LiFe PO4 battery, has a 45 mile range on a single charge. The Neon and Lithium models provide even higher speeds and longer ranges. All of the models can be conveniently recharged by simply plugging the motorcycle into any regular wall electrical outlet.

Evolve Motorcycles prides itself on strong customer experience, making sure to provide a smooth ride to all of its customers. Riding experience is a top priority:

“It’s an ongoing collaboration with our community. Many are far more aware than traditional brands give them credit for. This crowd are forward thinking, and care about what you’re creating, how you design it, make it and how it w

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