Ben Puig

Student in Texas

Ben Puig

Student in Texas

I am 16 years old and a student currently living in Texas. I'm a Boy Scout (Eagle in 2018) and an active Sea Scout. My interests range from technology to programming. I am also interested in DIY.

Current Projects

Non-Body Actuated Prosthetic Hand

The goal of the project is to build an inexpensive fully articulating hand that senses the amputee's muscle electrical pulses (rather than traditional shoulder movement) to move the hand.

Inexpensive (under $2,000 as opposed to $80,000)

Electronically Actuated with on-board MCU

3D printed from a flexible thermoplastic - which dramatically lowers the moving parts and assembly….thus lowering the cost.

EMG (electromyography ) to sense what the amputees “want” to do with the hand

“force myography” (can sense the force of the musculature and communicate with the neural-network program to “guess” the intent of the amputee

Mobile Telepresence Robot

Remote operators can control the robot which will physically join in an existing physical meeting using a camera and screen projecting the user's face.

Built to simulate a more “natural” interaction with people on-site for remote attendees.

Past Projects

2 Robots for Robotics Teams

Built multiple 3D Printers

Full Desktop Systems

Faraday cage

Unregulated Power Supply

Used 120v AC mains

Using a transformer step it down

Full bridge rectifier

Used capacitors to smooth out the power

Split-Cell Hydroxy Gas Generator

Trying to capture the gas - purify and then compress for high density storage

RC Planes & Cars

Cut foam core on a laser table

Installed electronics and flight controls

Manually milled parts out of aluminum blocks for RC cars using CAD (Onshape) programs from scratch taking measurements with callipers from.

Water Evacuation Unite for an HVAC Unit

Micro-controller to activate a solid state relay water evacuation. Wrote the code that runs on the micro-controller.

HHO Gas Generator (Browns Gas)

Have made several iterations of a “wet cell” design

Turned garbage into explosive gas out of water

Biogas Generator

Water and organic matter to create and control biogas

Valve system for gas extraction

Solar Car Build (with UTD)

Wired the motor and electronics

Lead a team to wire the motor control system.

Wired solar panels to charge controller and