Mohammed Benradi

Consultant in Saudi Arabia

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Highly qualified Marketing, eCommerce and F&B leader with more than 14 years in marketing, digitall & online business and more than 20 years in the F&B industry.

Started in marketing & business management covering many business sectors such as Food & Beverage services, retails, contracting and real-estate, where I was able to deliver outstanding achievements and very healthy contributions in the companies I worked for.

My real love story with eCommerce started in early 2013 when I helped to launch,in KSA, by building very strong partnership agreements with esteemed National & International partner, so we have made the company the best one in ME, during 2014, from this successful journey, I have decided to get in to the professional world of eCommerce.

Afterwords, I have joined ZAIDG, one of the largest group of companies in the region, as marketing director, where I have established their eCommerce empire, from scratch, and has launched on 2nd September 2015, the first platform.

Later on, i worked with my team to launch the largest eCommerce portal for campaigns and outdoors activities in the Middle-East under the name of

As the marketeers turn the obvious questions upside down, so when others start asking about: are their any gaps in the market ? I have asked: if is there any market in the gaps ? So I have decided to launch my personal marketing agency, in May 2018, that focus on F&B concepts’ development, SOP’s planning, e-commerce product planing, development and launch, branding management, digital marketing mix execution. In this short period we were able already to help many businesses in turning their weaknesses to strengths.

Our list is growing daily and still seeking with partners, with whom’s we can make, together, our market & life better !