Ben Readin'

Rockport Maine

Through a cosmic coincidence millions of years in the making, two Bens have come to work in the very same small library on the coast of Maine. We have conducted a highly scientific, cross cultural, peer-reviewed study and found that this could be the first time that two Bens have worked in the same small library. Maybe ever. Our study also concluded that there is no way to ever know if this is true.

With these facts firmly rooted in our minds, we (the Bens) have decided to take this as a sign and embrace our destiny. What is that destiny you may ask? We don’t have all the facts on that yet but part of it is to offer an engrossing audio/visual experience for you to enjoy.

We call that engrossing audio/visual experience Ben Readin'.

Each month Ben Readin' will post a new video that will feature the Bens talking about what we have been reading, books that you have made us read, what we think that book that has so many holds on it is about, and much much…..much much more.

So enjoy Ben Readin'. And read along with us!

You can watch the video and vote on our next book at:

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