Ben Riddle breaks the mold to take his generation to new heights. Call him connector but don't call him crazy: Riddle builds networks and ecosystems that drive positive change.

Intrapreneurial Instigator: Messy problems hide in broken systems. Ben works with stakeholders across sectors to build capacity and retool broken systems from within. Ben is currently immersed in the field at Furman University, where he's working as a University Innovation Fellow to build an ecosystem of students, faculty and administrators that use design thinking and social enterprise as strategies for engaged learning.

Creative Catalyst: From grassroots groups to global design agencies - Ben curates crowds of doers and thinkers that design projects, policies, experiences and experiments to serve people and bridge divides.

When learning, Ben explores fields that delve into the moral imagination, social innovation, urban renewal and the creative process. ​In practice, Ben works with students and teachers to design courses that ask hard questions, spur radical collaboration and inspire agency.

​In communities, Ben partners with residents to preserve local identity, communicate shared values and create ventures that foster sustainability. When playing, Ben tells stories, watches the world, makes messes, creates culture, listens deeply and likes to bake bread.

  • Work
    • Design Lead, Institute of Child Success
  • Education
    • Furman University
    • Freie Universitat
    • University Innovation Fellowship