Ben Allen

With excellent communication abilities in both writing and speech, Ben is experienced at making a speech to an audience of hundreds, or drafting a business proposal for a high-profile client. Ben's communication style is optimal for getting business done. He prefers wording that is concise, descriptive, easily understood and also enjoys carefully crafting his words. For many years Ben has been deeply involved in martial arts. He started taking military style Taekwondo from age 11 earning his first degree black belt by the time he was 17. From there he moved into mixed martial arts in which he studied the disciplines of Muay Thai, Eskrima, Jujitsu and Western Boxing. Recently Ben began taking Brazilian Jujitsu and preparing himself for tournament competition. Another passion for Ben is music. He started playing piano from the young age of 7 and eventually moved on to the guitar. Though he was classically trained on both the guitar and piano, Ben shifted his focus to playing speed metal and heavy metal. While quite possessing the skills yet to play metal guitar at a professional level, Ben can easily keep pace with a jam band just to play for fun. Also of interest is dabbling with electronic music production. In the future Ben hopes to compose and electronic dance music hit once he is able to afford the time and equipment in order to do so.