Ben Rose

I am a 23 year old Spatial Design undergraduate, currently undertaking my final year at Bucks New Uni. Since moving to the Bucks course, I have expanded to work in a multidisciplinary way. I was a finalist in the nationwide YIDA competition in 2011 (Young Interior Design Award), I have also worked as part of a team who installed an exhibition piece for the University. I was lucky enough to have work selected for a National trust sculpture park. Currently I am acting in the role of design consultant to a local council who are building a public green space.

I am enthusiastic to put everything I have learnt to use in the professional world, and I hope to secure employment within the creative industries with my variety of skills and diverse portfolio.

In my free time, I invariably end up sketching or making something. I also read a lot, I love visiting galleries and museums for stimulation and inspiration, and soaking up the sights and sounds of a new city.