Ben Sackville

Hello there! My name is Ben Sackville and currently I am a student at the University of Regina majoring in Drama in the Arts Education program. Though it is a long ways away, I am excited to begin my career as a teacher and work hard to educate the students of tomorrow so that they may grow to be optimistic, knowledgable, and moralistic people. I strongly believe that schools are a place for all learning to occur. Not only do students come to school to learn and grow as people, but to interact with others of their similar ages and interests. As teachers, it is our job to make sure that students receive a full classroom-based education, but we are also there to give guidance and encouragement. The adolescent ages are a struggle for everyone and as such they should be supported by trustworthy "sponsors" if you will. This is what I believe an educator should be: someone who does not give up on anyone and keeps every individuals best interests in mind, almost in the parental sense. Teachers should thrive on the knowledge that they are doing good for each of their students and ensure that nobody is left behind. After all, though we all have individual personalities and interests, we must learn to respect every individual as someone who can be given the same opportunities as everyone else. All they need is a little push, and that, as teachers, is where we come in.