Ben A. Sagou

Welcome! and thank you for visiting my "" page. I live in the great State of Florida. I am an optimistic Realtor who still and always believe in "The American Dream". That goes beyond these simple three words and, what they mean to/for each one is what really matters.

I love Social Media. All of it! Addicted ? Not yet, but can't get enough of it for it's the best Marketing Tool we've ever had. It gives me a chance to meet, connect and exchange with like minded individual and explore new business ventures and friendship opportunities. I am a true believer of good friendship: social, professional. And....I do NOT take any friendship, or relationship for that matter, for granted. Here is the value of Social Media.

On my spare time, I like to read/watch the news(yes, I will confess, I am a news freak, I may say), go to the beach, play tennis or soccer, go fishing, or drive on the country roads.

Of course my family is what comes first and the most important thing in my life. My forever gratitude to my 84 years-old mother is unmeasured. My son brings me all the joy of his innocence and my wife all the support and love. I am blessed.

As WE CONNECT today, let's remember this simple quote: "your Network is your Net Worth". So , come on board and let's enjoy this journey.