Ben Sigman

Founder in Los Angeles, California

Ben Sigman

Founder in Los Angeles, California

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Ben Sigman is one of the leading ambassadors of the cryptocurrency world as an investor, advisor, and ultimately a creator of all things crypto.

His love for technology, especially disruptive technology, has been his North Star since he was in grade school. His passion for this innovative field led to creating and operating a successful IT consultation company for over 13 years and counting.

His new ventures bring him to the app world with two major projects releasing early in 2018. One being an advanced portfolio tracker and another that brings you all you need to know about the thousands of ICO's out there.

Ben is optimistic and excited about the future of disruptive technology and is now a major player in an industry he has loved for so long.

Currently, he is working with on due diligence, tokenomic analysis, and strategic consulting.

Things he has built:

“White Rabbit” is an ICO Discovery tool and tracking app (available on web, iOS, and Android).

“Squirrel” is a slick UX portfolio tracker for crypto assets with real-time price updating. Beta coming soon in Q2, 2018!

Non-profit LAN + educational party called HACKTIC for techie youth to come together to connect and learn basic cryptography through playing games.

Ben and his white-hat-hacker-friends attend DEFCON every year where he routinely wins hackathons.

He is a proud member of the EFF and a huge fan of JP Barlow.

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