Benson Davis

Nationality: Indian
Job Title: Sales Executive

I have lived in Dubai for two years. I joined the Move One team on the 22nd June, 2010. My main responsibility at Move One is to develop business opportunities, both new and within the existing portfolio, through the various services we provide.

I am living in Dubai with my wife. I came to Dubai seeking greater employment opportunities and an enriched lifestyle. I currently live in a neighborhood called Al Barsha. In my spare time I enjoy reading books and watching television.

Whenever I have visitors, I take them to all the good haunts in Dubai, the restaurants, entertainment venues, cinemas etc. My favourite restaurant in Dubai is Wagamama.

In the next year I would like to, on a professional level, continue to contribute to the success of Move One and on a personal note I would like to be a good father to my newborn. I would also like to holiday at a new destination as this has been pending for awhile now. When I think of my home country, I miss homemade Indian food, monsoon season and a few regional movies that are not screened here in Dubai.