Ben Stiff

To find out about me is quite easy. Just keep reading.

I've recently finished my degree in Extreme sports management (yes that is a real degree) and am now starting a qualification in personal training.

Due to my overdeveloped nerd gland, medical family, and inquisitive disposition I'm fascinated by nutrition and how the body works, which all ties in gloriously with my hobby of bodybuilding.

I'm not always in the gym though (proof in the picture!) I'm usually out and about and love taking up new and exciting things in whatever form they may take. Chief among which at the moment is training and accompanying World record breaking explorer Dave Cornthwaite on his latest expedition of swimming 1000 miles along the Missouri river.

I've not always been the explorer type though. At an early age I was subjected to a difficult choice. Sport, or video games. Being an optimistic, non-defeatist type, and with years of dedication, I now do a lot of both. My other hobbies include, but are not limited to, cooking, reading (mostly looking at pictures in magazines), watching films, listening to music, the usual hobby stuff.

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