Ben Sweet

coder, open source lover, knob turner, fader jockey, guy... I have my hands in many aspects of technology, but lately my days consist of being:

Backend developer of PHP web applications, specializing in Drupal.

Owner of a small business. Sweet Consulting

On a quest to rid my office of printers and paper related devices.

Enamored by analog audio production techniques

During recent months, I have been involved in a wide array of PHP development and systems administration for sites including: Help/Systems, Community Tax Relief, Skybot Software, Spine-Health, Bridge Medical, just to name a few...

With the final release of Drupal 7 fresh in the git repos, there is a renewed strength and demand for this framework. I am involved in some super fun projects involving Drupal, scheduled to be released in the coming months. There are endless opportunities to be honing your skills in the web dev world these days.