Bente Christensen

Art Director in Los Angeles, California

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Design is the discipline of creating and executing with purpose. Visual surroundings create a backdrop for each story told.

Designing for each story requires different approaches.

When Designing for NBC's "Saved by the Bell", I was keenly aware of its Saturday morning time slot and how we were in direct competition with the sets were environments that had fun and whimsical elements, painted in bright, saturated colors. Creative collaboration with directors & special effects were key!

Touring Rock shows take an entirely different design approach. The set has to be innovative without being cliche, accommodating special effects and lighting surfaces. This is where the set must be a backdrop and amplify the musicians, their specific stations and draw focus to the artist.

Game Show design requires form to follow function. Electronics and mechanical elements are key. A well designed game show looks "easy" to the uninitiated, but it's a careful execution of many design layers.

Creative design amplifies the specific themes and purpose of these vastly different types of theatre, ultimately heightening the overall experience for their audiences.

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