Ben Williams

My name is Ben Williams and I am based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. I am especially interested in event management, wedding planning, and children's entertainment. My personal ambitions in life involve a combination of these subjects. I enjoy working with children, adults and the elderly. I have received various training which has developed my commutation skills with all three age groups. My life hasn't always been about event management and working with children from the age of 14 I led an entrepreneurial life. I started my first website called Helping-ICT which enabled people to log on and ask for advice on there computing issues. The service was offered for free and was run by volunteers. All together, after the first 6 months, I had over 20 volunteers from web designers, computing geeks and promotional staff. All in which were willing to spend an hour a night offering what they know to help me succeed. I later sold the site to a company in London for an undisclosed sum. A year on, just before my 15 birthday I made the decision to invest the money I made from selling Helping-ICT to start my own business venture. Bewilcorp was made. This was my holding company. I added my own marketing site, web server reselling site and a virtual business environment for children. In late 2009 after company profit fell, I handed the company over to a friend of mine. From what I am aware all services offered by Bewilcorp are now offline. After moving on from my business side of life I realized that the health sector was the right way forward for me. I enrolled onto a Health and Social course at college then looked into training to become a social worker. After completing the course, I then went onto the next level. The 2010 course was then dropped due to student numbers. Now looking what to do next. I turned to the entertainment and event sector. After working in the sector for 2 years at a local children's play centre I realized I had found my calling card. After leaving Ballyhoo I then joined Playfarm. Playfarm was also an in-door play area. But family ran and new. After being with the company for several months I enrolled onto a home course with QC Events. With them I studied Events Management And Wedding Planning. With this qualification I can apply to be on the professional wedding planning register.