Ben Murray

Missionary and Church Planter in Taiwan

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Marriage and Family

My wife and I met at West Coast Baptist College and after graduating we were married on December 30, 2011 at my wife’s home church, Bayview Baptist Church in Washington, Illinois. Two years later, God blessed us with a son on March 21, 2014. His name is Audrik.


In 2012, we were hired initially as interns and later became full-time pastoral staff at my home church, Lifeway Baptist Church. I served as the Children’s Pastor for four years and lead both the Bus Ministry and Soul-winning Ministries of our church. In addition, I aided our church’s missionary department frequently.

For most of 2015, I assumed many assistant pastoral roles at Lifeway Baptist Church. It was then that I really learned how to help care for the flock of God. I am most grateful for the opportunities of serving in the local church!


It is clear that God has given us a heart for missions. God continued to cultivate our hearts for missions throughout our Bible college days and during our time serving God at Lifeway Baptist Church.

During our days on staff at Lifeway, we took many opportunities to talk with and learn from missionaries our church supported. Through those connections, I helped organize a church missions trip in 2013.

In late June of 2016, we were officially sent from Lifeway Baptist Church to serve a six-month internship with veteran missionaries in Taiwan. The on-filed ministry experience proved invaluable to our missionary training and preparation!

The culmination of God-given ministry experience and many tests of our spiritual gifts helped solidify God’s will for our lives - to be full-time life-long missionaries to Taiwan!

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