Pamela A. Bentley

Hi! I am a highly motivated scientist and project manager with a diverse background in molecular biology. I am genuinely curious, have acquired significant technical expertise and am highly adaptable. I am a natural leader who takes initiative and thrives in team environments. I have excellent written and verbal communication skills with individuals from diverse backgrounds, disciplines and knowledge levels. Currently, I am seeking a new opportunity where I can apply my skills to promote scientific research and communication.

PhD: University of Alberta - Animal Science (Molecular Biology)

MSc: University of Vermont - Animal Science/Pharmacology;

BA: University of Vermont - Biology


I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but I am originally from Vermont.

Academic Interests

Photoperiod and Circadian Biology

Cell and Molecular Biology

Human health and disease

Extracurricular Interests


A nice glass of wine

The outdoors

My dog Huxley