Ben Trowbridge

Mr. Ben Trowbridge, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, founded Alsbridge, Inc. in 2005. As the Chief Executive Officer of Alsbridge, Ben Trowbridge leads the company’s efforts to provide outstanding ministration in the areas of shared services, outsourcing, and benchmarking. Mr. Ben Trowbridge has established Alsbridge as an international leader in these fields, with a reputation for superior results and excellent customer service.

Ben Trowbridge created Alsbridge as a response to a need for qualified expertise in the corporate services sector. Ben Trowbridge originally established the eponymous Trowbridge Group in 2002, which later combined with London-based ALS Consulting to form Alsbridge. Mr. Trowbridge brings many years of business experience to Alsbridge, having previously served as Chief Executive Officer of United Messaging. Additionally, Ben Trowbridge served as a Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer for the Outsourcing Services Business and Global Outsourcing Business divisions of Ernst & Young. In these roles, Ben Trowbridge coordinated Ernst & Young’s chief outsourcing dealings, overseeing business contracts worth in excess of USD $4 billion. Before working in the outsourcing components of Ernst & Young, Ben Trowbridge successfully established several vertical businesses and served as a senior manager in various sales and marketing operations.

In the United States Marine Corps, Ben Trowbridge acted as Captain and four-time Company Commander. During his service, Captain Trowbridge had the privilege of leading one of the Marine Corps’ first Special Operations Capable Raid Companies.

In his spare time, Ben Trowbridge enjoys working out, reading, and traveling. Ben Trowbridge currently resides in Dallas, Texas.