Ben Vongprachanh

Family, friends and service to my community have always been important to me. If you track my work history you will see that this evident. I've had over 15 years of experience working for a non-profit organization in different capacities. From working with the development of young children to counselling young adults during low points in their lives and connecting them to opportunites within their community. Moving into real estate was a natural progression for me because I assist, counsel and guide my clients through the entire process of buying and selling property. For most, it can be one of the most stressful transaction and time in their life. It's a pleasurse to be able to help my clients make sound decisions and move on with their lives. If you or a family member or friend are considering buying or selling property, please keep me in mind. You can be assured that they will be treated promptly with respect and I will exceed their expectations. I can be connected by: Work Email: Personal Email: Mobile: 289-385-0038