Ben Veenman

So you want to know more about me? first of all I can be quite a joker, fortunately I also have a serious side. This resulted in me now being CEO of Veenman Business Group a Dutch based company which owns, buys and exploits profitable web based business in many niches in several country's in the world. I never liked to work as an employee. So when I dropped out of school at age 20 I had no choice but to start my own business. I tried many businesses as a kid, not always successful, but no matter how far I got I always learned from every try and always got one step further until I kinda knew how the cookie crumbled. When I dropped out of school I had enough experience to start a real business and I started buying and selling exotic reptiles. This business started more or less as a joke, by me bragging to a friend who had such a business that I could do a better job and within just one year I grew out to one of the most well known exotic reptile traders in Holland. I quickly learned the way of the tradesman and after one year of trading reptiles I tried my luck trading cars. The first car I bought was a fairy new metallic green "renault megane" I bought it together with a friend who also had the entrepreneurial spirit. I would love to tell you that we became the biggest car dealers of Holland within one year but to tell you the truth, after setbacks like a shattered window and 3 months with little interest from anyone we sold it for the same price as we bought it for. We decided to go our own way and instead of giving up on selling cars we both started our own car business. The one that gave up never won. The one that won never gave up. Fair enough we both did pretty good selling cars, I specialized in the luxury brand Jaguar which I loved for its luxury retro look. I like cars but I love to travel and could never take long vacations because there was always a car to sell. Internet was the key to more freedom, but what to do? It was in 2007 that I spotted an opportunity online, a carfax website for Holland. After 3 months of building the website I launched it and auto check was a success from day one. I started many new sites over the years and quit my other businesses. I love the freedom of making money online, no matter where I am in the world. And sending emails to my employee's from under a palm tree,... that stays fun.