Ben Wagenaar

Having worked in both IT and digital media for more than fifteen years across four different industries, I've gained a huge wealth of both technical and business development experience to help forge that most important link between what a business is trying to achieve along with what is technically possible.

My expertise means I'm comfortable writing a program on the latest Microsoft platform or talking to a client about their digital strategy.

Starting out as a software developer and technical consultant, my due diligence benefits both end-users or clients, to innovate and understand the product or service they are looking for, and my team so that we can deliver our products efficiently and on time.

I believe strongly that information technology is all about people, not the computer system or application behind it. Removing the technical barriers is paramount to success.

I also run a blog, Digital is not Rocket Science, which aims to educate people about the unique challenges of successful delivery in this space.Specialties: Technical understanding and know-how, delivery of digital/IT projects, Microsoft software development, emerging technology, developing and maintaining client relationships.