Ben Woolf

Co-founder in London, England, United Kingdom

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I came from very little and worked hard to move away from my previous life.

The perfect bio is hard to write and I prefere sharing my experiences in person.

But I work for a start-up developing a cross platform reccomendations system to automate searching through handheld and wearable devices.

The code itself is machine learning so constantly improves itself and the company is growing every week. is most likely the hardest venture I have undertaken and every day stretches my capability. Technology is constantly improving and emerging, however the excitement and potential is unbeleivable and if anyone has similar interest feel free to add me, email me or ask questions.


I am a millenial and want to do my part in leading the next generation and hope to inspire better change for people and the world.

An adventurous traveller, creative, ambitious and focused. Take risks and believe that I can make it (whatever that may be)... I enjoy hearing good stories of other peoples accomplishments so don't be alarmed if I reach out.

But I also want to increase my online awareness, is that a crime!

..No. However we all want to be succesful in our own way.

I am all about business on the outside and enjoy strategy, solutions, technology, leadership, life and millenial issues

I spend time focusing on my mind through the pure enjoyment of growth learning, museums, books, old peoples wisdom and mistakes.

And saying that I do very much enjoy the fine things but sometimes nothing beats an endless woodland and bare feet on the grass.

  • Work
    • Andi Games LTD
  • Education
    • Leeds Business School