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Fuel is recognized as to be among the most important items that society needs. Without it, people wont manage to function normally in society. To-day, we must be thankful the gas prices are continuing to drop. So, why is it that fuel prices continue on falling? What are the facets that affect the purchase price of gas and other oil products and services?

First of all, you have to know what we pay for in a gallon of gas. Basically, we pay for 1-3 percent for the fees, 3 percent for improving, 25 percent for marketing and distribution and 59 percent for the crude oil. Learn supplementary information on a partner article directory by browsing to benzene alkylation saturation houston. Now, if you take a look at the figures shown, we just pay for somewhat more than half for the fuel.

Anyway, the price for gas today is now cheaper than what we had two years ago. For most of us, that is really a relief as the country to-day is now experiencing a financial crisis. With-rising price of commodities, the final thing we are in need of is an increased fuel price. Therefore, just how come the price for gasoline getting lower and lower and is-it still expected to get even lower?

The primary reason for the low priced gasoline today that people have is the low demand for gasoline. We experienced the greatest priced gasoline since 1981, only last July 2008. Peaking at 4 pounds per gallon, people have started rethinking how they use gasoline.

Because of what occurred last July 2008, people have become more aware on how-to cut costs on energy. People started planning carpools making use of their co-workers and neighbors, people have started abandoning their cars for public transportation systems, and people also sold their gas guzzling cars in trade for hybrid vehicles, which is very fuel efficient.

That is simply the reasons why demand for gasoline is quite low. In fact, the desire is indeed low today that by the conclusion of November, the crude selections have got by 7.3 million barrels despite the fact that authorities only expected an increase of 400 thousand barrels of crude oil. And, the gasoline catalog also increased by 1.9 million barrels.

That means that the demand for gasoline is leaner by 2.8 % compared to a year ago that averaged at about 9 million barrels of gasoline per-day. This can be good news for individuals driving home to celebrate