Benz Thomas

Location is not a constraint in a connected world

I have always loved presenting. This somewhere stems from the fact that I love creating and selling and what better to sell that what you have created. For me form and function need to go together. People who say only design works are as wrong as those who say only function is needed for success. For the last 9 years of my life I have worked on bridging this divide by listening to both sides of the story and marrying form with function to create a product that address business needs.

As a lifelong learner I am currently focused on two things – creating presentations that both wow and sell and acquiring skills and knowledge that will help me better at what I do.During the course of my 8+ years of working I have created innumerable presentations for organization leaders – some of which I am proud of, some which I hated from the core of my heart.

I currently work for a global organization as their country marketing manager as well as lead the learning services business unit which dispenses training programs for clients.

During my career, I have learnt, a lot, to be able to focus on creating presentations that sell – like I said earlier – marrying form with function.

Connect with me if you are stuck on how to proceed with your presentations or maybe just where to begin. I will for sure bring in a fresh perspective. All consultations will be free of cost if accompanied by a thank you.

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    • Creating presentations I am proud of
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