Hi guys. My name is Ananda, I'm from Indonesia. I'm an EXO fans and a Sone. I love EXO and Girls' Generation so much.

Luhan is my bias in EXO, i love him so much. I really liked everything about him. I think he's very talented, he's good at singing and dancing, he was also very handsome. When he sang I was melting, he is fabulous. Especially when he dances, looks very cool. I hope I can meet him in the real world.

Sooyoung is my bias in Girls' Generation. She is very pretty. She has beautiful legs, I'm so envious of her. She's good at singing and dancing. She also played in several Korean Drama, her acting is very good. She gets a lot of praise for her acting. I'm very proud of her.

My dream is to see a concert My Idol. I can stand in a place where there are also My Idol. I think it's very fun and touching. I wish I could do that one day.

I'm very fond of my activities everyday, I usually listen to Korean songs, eat snacks, writing stories, drawing anime, reading novels, sleeping up to lose track of time hahaha lol.

I really liked all the food associated with chocolate. Chocolate really tasty. I also really like ice cream. Ice cream is very soft and smooth.

I did not really like math, I think it's very difficult. I really like Science, English language, and ICT.

I often play with my best friend, I also often gathered with my best friend. We do many many things together. I love them so much.

Okay okay okay I think enough to be here. This is all about me, how about you?