Bequita Mahama


Life sometimes takes us places we've never imagined and I believe the best way to live is in the moment, understanding that you will never get that moment back therefore you must make the best of it. I am at a place in my life where I feel like I need to explore more, live more, learn more, do more!!

I am asked often how, why or when did I decide to just take life by the horns and ride it out and my response is: when I realized that I had missed a great moment because I was worrying about the how, when and why. From then on I decided that the biggest mistake is not trying. Now I will try nearly anything. From jumping off a cliff into the beautiful Caribbean Sea to hiking through an African rainforest to a gorgeous waterfall and taking a dip.

My many interests and talents have revealed even more interests and talents since my decision to live abroad. Now as I embark on the talk/reality show realm. The show is about women from all over the world that see married to African men. We explore the joys and challenges of these mixed culture relationships. This is life again taking me in a direction I never expected and I'm holding on for the ride.

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