Ber Lazarus

Artist in Montreal, Québec, Canada

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I’m a visual artist working with found objects, images and ideas from which I create new objects, images and ideas…thus contributing to the cosmic cycle of generation, decay and re-generation through art. I use a variety of forms, materials and scales in my art to explore the inter-relationships of objects in space, the nature of form in motion, as in my Kinetic Sketches series, and the effects of scale on composition, the latter as exemplified in my Ex Libris series of book installations.

I see art as a free spot where anything is possible. It is the space between possibility and actuality, between the idea of an event and the actual event - the Zed-Space.

I live and work in the Mile End quarter of Montreal. My work has been shown in solo and group shows in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Ex Libris: Artist Book Installations In this series original text becomes context for a series of visual narratives animated by found objects, images and light installed inside books. What was originally a readable book becomes a container for new visual ideas. The series emerges out of the contemporary shift from text-based to more visually based cultural communication.

Kinetic Sketches: Found Objects in Motion Kinetic Sketches is an exploration of form in motion. Our world is in constant motion, we are rarely static for very long even when we're asleep, yet our art is frozen in time. Motionless. There is something very meditative about objects in motion through space. Changing with the shifting light and angle of view, each movement creates a new form slowly evolving into the next in a never ending variation of form and space.

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    • Visual Artist
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    • Concordia University
    • McGill University