Nancy Stearns Bercaw

Nancy lives with her son David and husband Allan Nicholls in Vermont. Her work has appeared in newspapers around the world from the Korea Herald to the New York Times. She is a frequent contributor to Seven Days, Vermont’s alternative news weekly.

Nancy has written extensively about Alzheimer’s disease for a wide variety of publications. She also speaks frequently on issues of Alzheimer’s and identity.

Brain in a Jar: A Daughter’s Journey through Her Father’s Memory, (Broadstone 2013),a memoir of family obsession and Alzheimer’s disease, is Nancy’s first book.

Nancy is also a national championship swimmer. She was inducted into the University of South Florida’s inaugural athletic Hall of Fame in 2009.

Nancy has lived in Kenya, Korea, Singapore, London, Louisiana, Arizona, Florida, The Philippines, Virginia, New York and Quebec. She has the latitudes and longitudes of Clark Air Base and the DMZ tattooed on her leg, as well a blonde Asian mermaid etched into her forearm.

  • Education
    • University of South Florida