Berenice Albertini

Geneva, Switzerland

Webdesigner + Trainer.
Added values: Positive, Creative, Discerning - my company - my portfolio

"You can either fit it or stand out. Not both"- Seth Godin Yahoo Marketing.

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it"- Simon Sinek TED Talk Leadership.

Worked with international companies: the small company who helped big ones, the one who helped launched "Tekoe Tea" in Switzerland, the one stated in the "99Frcs/14.99€ book", and the one who was involved with the "Thank you mum campaign".I contributed to the health of women, dogs & cats and implemented innovation in trade for the world's largest consumer-products maker.

I am now an expert into allowing web plateforms to come to life. With a talented team or alone, I transform needs and stories in high impact deliverables, from strategy to delivery.