Berenice Therese

Hi, my name is Bérénice. I live in Montreuil. I've been living over there for two years. Before i lived in romainville, we moved because my step mother is became pregnante.. So now at home there is my father, my brother, my half sister and my step mother. We live in a little city were everybody are kind.

Some poeple call me "The Geek", juste because one day I said that I like play video games, i find them are stupid... Really.

I appreciate music, the beginning I played the guitar and now I play the piano, I am better in piano than guitar. Everyday I listenning music, Radiohead, Weezer, The Queen of the Stone Age, I like listen Jazz, for instence Nina Simone.

I want to do a rock band with my friends and travel to make concert. If the choice to make group walks well, I think that i would be riche, I hope.

Anyway, this is for say that my life turn with the music. Outside of this passion, I began to be interesting in science, at the constellation, all the molecules surrounds us. This desire to want to know all this, came when I started to do my math homework in 3rd calss, a bit of by a whim.

Not many of my friends are interested by all this like me, but it doesn't matter because I don't want to impose them what i like but I will be, most of the time, agree with them and as well as to share some things during our frienship... =}