Berima Amo

Musician and Producer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Berima Amo is a trumpeter, pianist, choir director, band leader, music producer and singer. Born in Ghana, West Africa, and now living in Amsterdam. His upbringing was very interesting. He started school and musical education in Rev. John Teye Institute, Ghana, Africa from age 5. From time to time he went on holidays with both grandparents in their villages. One was a village chief (Odikro), and he taught him leadership, songs, traditions, history of his people. The other was a minister of the gospel, and he taught him discipline and everything a priest will tell a congregation not to do!! These where his contrasting but exciting sides. What he tries to do is fuse the two in everything he does. He also studied jazz trumpet with Jarmo Hoogendijk for a year at the Rotterdam Conservatory in 2004.

Discography & Accomplishments

Berima Amo in 2005 released his maiden Afrojazz/Fusion/Gospel CD titled “Sweet Passion” and in April 2007 also released a live DVD recording titled “Thy Trumpet Shall Sound”. He has travelled on 3 continents playing music since he was 13 years. He is also an accomplished music producer with hits in Curacao, Suriname and West Africa. He was nominated for “Best Music Producer” in the AGMMA 2017 Awards held yearly in London. He gives workshops across Europe on Ghanaian Indigenous Choir Music. He says "choir harmonies are Ghana’s best kept secret”. He also has a passion for working with young people and helping them discover their purpose.

Genre, Blend & Swag

Berima Amo's sound is a coming together of Hugh Masekela, Osibisa, Miriam Makeba & Fela with his own interesting twist. Attempting to bring a modern sound to a classic scene isn’t an easy task. Few musicians have managed to do it, and even fewer have managed to do it well. Amsterdam based Berima Amo has not only managed to capture the sound of gospel and bring it new life, he and his team do it quite well by fusing it with African music. His repertoire is a perfect blend of songs from Africa, America & South America. He brings dance and flavour to any event for sure.


Berima Amo brings a thunderous energy yet a warm beautiful tone on his trumpet/flugelhorn that would leave an indelible mark on you: “We are here to make a statement and break new grounds by playing music with African flavour,” says Berima Amo. Anytime he is on stage, one thing is for sure; everyone will be dancing and having a wonderful time; or at lea