Fouad Berjaoui

An unorthodox Marketeer with a special emphasis on creativity. Writing this brief about myself made me reflect on my career and how blessed I consider myself, to have been involved in most facets of Marketing; 360° Marketing, Media, Advertising, PR, Online Marketing and Vertical Marketing. With the advent of the internet, I just had to experience Viral Marketing which I previously regarded as difficult and long term in the pre-internet era. With today’s Internet and Mobile technology, it’s relatively easy. I traveled extensively throughout the AGCC countries, working on ATL campaigns, events, online marketing, brand building, , PR, product launches to editorial and print-publishing. Yes I could say I had an extensive career that placed me in a unique spot where I understand (and know the inside elements) of every aspect in the art of Marketing as well as its science. Marketing was my initial passion and Expertise since I graduated from the University in 1990. Today, I’m still a MarComm veteran but with an Online Community management twist. Specialties - Marketing Communications (MarComm): Strategic Solutions, ATL, Media Planing. - Online Marketing : Online Strategy Planing, Community Management & Online PR, SEM, Online Measurements & Analysis. - English Editorial : Online Content, Print Press Articles. - On the Side : Automotive Expert & Editor. Off-Road Specialist.