Berkant Jeff Akarcan

Born in 1988 at Istanbul, BJA has graduated from Lycée Français de Saint Joseph. Regards to his addiction to art he's become a audio/visual artist, and now studying Visual Arts & VCD. English is way more native to him than his real native language, Turkish, yet he speaks French too. And a bit of Latin. After being a professional videogames critic at various gaming mags Level and Oyungezer, he's decided that he's bored of it and gave it a break. Besides playing hacky-sack, he fuckin' loves to skate and has a great wish for snowboarding ASAP. He can be around the globe but can be easily found on the social media anytime, presumably on all the sm platforms. He's a photography enthusiast since his day one on this universe, but more than that video and cinema. His ultimate dream is to shoot his trilogy, Alternate Ending. BJA - in your browsers since 1995.