Umer Khan

Berkeley California

Hi my name is Umer khan Awesome Shuffle bottom, I'm named after my uncle the famous bounty hunter, you won't have heard of him since all evidence of his work was covered up during the cold war. All my friends call me khan because its easier. In my spare time I enjoy the touch of women which goes hand in hand with my career as a porn star under the name Rodzilla Why the hell are you reading this? my name is umer khan and I beat up people like all the time kicking ass is only secondary to my job of setting myself on fire. Some people like playing games and socializing I prefer to spend my time crushing ice failing that I usually like racing my fish, since I have only one fish it's never a surprising result except for when I won. Add me or don't add me I don't care since I just wasted a minute of your time. Hey ladies remember the name above, you will be screaming it later. I spend all my time hanging out with the girls Nd guys drinking and loving the ladies. Yes I'm single send me a message if you wanna buy me a drink and we'll see where it goes, usually that the bedroom. Add me ladies!;)