Berke Sporcuoglu


I've born in 1993 in Paris. My childhood was amazing with my parents, we lived in Los Angeles when I was too young. In 1996, we returned my origin country, Turkey. My parents are Turkish, so am I. I graduated from the best primary school in Istanbul. Then I attented to some good highschools. I changed my highschool each year. I'm in a collage now. I played football in some clubs as a proffesional player (U-16, U-17 teams) then I had an injury about my ankle so I had given up playing football as a professional. I always intrested in Rock and Metal music, so I wanted to learn playing drums, so I took some drum lessons and I've been expert drummer, I have taken stick from Guns N Roses concert in Tuborg GoldFest Tour in 2012. Later, I joined Fitness & Bodybuilding Gym Center, and working-out to LIVE FIT. I'm spending my days in the gym.

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