Berkley Badger

Outdoorsman and Fishing Enthusiast in Bonita Springs

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Berkley Badger is an avid outdoorsman and fishing enthusiast. Casting homemade fishing lures in the waters of Bonita Springs, this fisherman is reeling in the biggest bass this side of the Mississippi! Badger’s favorite type of bait to use and create are crankbaits. That’s right: he makes all of his lures and bait at home and on the shore — and you can, too! Stay tuned for a blog series that will teach fellow fishermen how they can start doing DIY bait fishing, too!

Berkley Badger is an amateur competitive fisherman. He participates in fishing tournaments both at the local and national level. Badger enjoys traveling to fishing related events, conventions and tournaments whenever possible. He looks forward to launching his own shop of fishing sunglasses, featuring the best designs that will be a great fit for all outdoor enthusiasts!