Berlian Metta

Solo, Indonesia

Goes by the name of Metta. Born in 1993 at Solo and never left Solo since then. Her Chinese zodiac is chicken. INTP type of person.

A girl with glasses and athletic posture. Someone who always has serious and worried expression in her face. She had difficulty to express herself. Your typical boyish girl who despise skrits. A socially awkward penguin. Despise crowds and would rather spent the day alone in the comfort of her room.

Had various interest including: arts, foods, music, sports, fun-facts/trivias and short stories. Doodling and reading online are her pastime activity. Best at daydreaming. Had short span of attention and memory.

Currently studying Food Science and Technology at UNS Solo. Never dreamed as a food technologist, but will be a food technologist. A part of the most sentational batch, Food Science and Technology Batch 2012. Graduated from Marsudirini Elementary School, Bintang Laut Junior High School and Regina Pacis Ursulin Solo.

She contributed to HIMAGHITA and IAAS LC UNS as a staff. She had two major events in HIMAGHITA, known as HIMAGHITA'S FESTIVAL for the past 2 year. She also contributed as a volunteer for Earth Hour.

She is active at social media. Currently learning on how to be a good blogger. You could reach her through the link below.

  • Education
    • Food Science and Technology UNS Solo