Mariusz & Gosia Ciesla


Hello, Berlin landlords!

We're a nice married couple from Krakow, Poland currently looking for an apartment in town starting mid or late August (our current lease ends around 20th August). A couple of words about us:

Mariusz — 29, currently Lead Designer at airfy GmbH and co-founder of Enjoys custom cruiser bicycles, craft beers and good coffee. Has a thing for skateboards, even though is way too old and way to fat to effectively ride one. You can find his work on his website.

Gosia — 28, social media manager, currently working with 314APPS in the UK. Organizer of Rails Girls chapters in Łódź and Szczecin (Poland). Likes rock music. Rides a scooter. Yes. Really.

Urwis — 3, a mix of Dachshund and Pointer, making him effectively looking like Dachshund on stilts. Slightly hyperactive, but well trained and behaved. Lovely guy.

Szelma — 5, housecat. Sleeps most of the day, because — well, she's a cat. Really good at ignoring humans.

What we're looking for

A nice, pet-friendly two-room apartment up to 700€ warm. The district is not that important, even though we would like to live in place that has decent U-Bahn connections with Kreuzberg (we're working in the U Moritzplatz area) and is not in the middle of nowhere.

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