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Do it yourself, calm down, don't need to be in a hurry, you're just in a place building. - Miekjes_World says, fun fact about Westminster Abbey. If you stand in one side of the dome and the kids on the other, and you speak to the wall, you can hear what the other is saying.

You guys ever experienced something like that before? - Mhm. - Yeah, once. - Yeah, those whisper zones in museums. - Yeah. - Oh yeah, in Target! - In Target? - In Target? - You were able to whisper to a wall in Target, and somebody else could hear you? - It happens at playgrounds too.

Playgrounds too? - Oh yeah, you whisper in to. - Oh yeah - Oh yeah, no! . - I don't get it. - Okay. - Are you building the Tower Bridge? - Yeah. - That is cool, Does it actually work? Like so boats can go through? That is awesome! - So cars can drive through and then.

Cars can drive through the river? Cars can drive through when it's closed. - Yeah. - And then, it opens so cars can do epic jumps. (chuckling) - Really? - No, so tall boats can go through. Their information says the high-level walkways were designed so that the public could still cross the bridge when it was raised.

Thank you! - So this part right here that you built, people can walk across that even though this is going up. So it's designed so that people could still cross the bridge even when the bridge was up. That's really cool! There is the pieces Daddy One car like this (chuckling)

Like your song there Parker, shall I sing it too? - No. I'm building some Lego With my kids (singing) (playful music) - Oh I got some more information. - More information, the bridge's lifting mechanism was originally powered by steam but is now driven by oil and electricity. I hope we get to see the Tower Bridge open while we're there. That would make a cool time-lapse, just saying.