"Beethoven to Go"


After more than one year of intensive work, Berlin Virtual Symphonics will start to release all Symphonies composed by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Symphonies 1-9, will be released on youtube and iTunes on 04/04/2014.

We´ve chosen this date in Memoria to Steve Jobs, who released 1984 the first MacIntosh. The Mac was the first PC to play programed music. Steve loved Brahms on the tiny soundcard of the Mac. 30 Years later we have gone a long way and we are very close to reality.

The Conductor: Brent V. Spinner

Thrown into this crazy world nearby a small village called Moapa Valley Nevada, I spent a lot of time exploring Pahranagat Refuge. My childhood seemed to be kind of deaf dumb and blind. My mother was a crazy borderline chick, spending her life at the dining room at Cesars Palace. Someone safed me and sent me to the residential school Canyonville Christian Academy, Oregon. Thanks, so far bastards. Three years later I left Oregon. From the West Coast to the East Coast. I was no longer thick as a brick and joined 60 Lincoln Center Plaza. Ready for skating away on the thin ice of the new day.

I don´t know how he succeded; but he did! During that time a young and talented classical piano player, his name was Klaus Melber, teached me to love classical music. He did not realise that. And me too. But it worked.

Years later it happened - in December 2012 - that my six year old son and I listened to "Die Toten Hosen - Alex", a famous Punk Band in Germany (who deconstructed in the late 80ties my flat in Konstanz after a concert). So we discovered the second movement of Beethovens 9th Symphonie.

I heard my big mouth say: Listen son, I`ve got the whole song in my complete Beethoven collection! Do you want to hear it? He answered: Yes, I want.

I checked all 56 Cds in the Collection Box but one was missing: the 9th Symphony!

Next morning I started to program the Second Movement of the 9thSymphony in my Recording Studio. I could not rest one day. 2014 it will be finished - all Symphonies of Ludwig van Beethoven performed by:

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