Bermuda Villas

Property Management Company in Miami, Florida

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7325 SW 82nd Street,

Miami, FL 33143

Phone: 786-686-1975

BERMUDA VILLAS are intimate retreat-like luxury apartments for rent located in the heart of Kendall, and they offer a perfect place for a relaxed but eventful type of life. Aside from luxurious rooms and a stunning resort-style setting, Bermuda Villas retreat is a fully-fledged complete-package deal designed for your enjoyment and stress-free dwelling. For those of you who don’t want to skip workouts – we have a high-end gym; for those who like swimming – we have a pool; a fan of tasty homemade fast food? – we have barbecue grills in our yard; need to mend your car? – there’s car care! Definitely a lifestyle you deserve.