Bernadette Bentley

Wickford, Essex, UK

I am 49 year old survivor of mental health issues after a stroke at a young age - I was extremely fit, so it was a shock to all.

I am a passionate champion for mental health and am very proactive. It's #timetotalk about issues.

I am an ex London City Company Director currently re-training as a Counsellor; no one wanted to employ me - apparently they viewed me as a weak individual; I can assure you I am a strong independent lady with a clever little brain.

I want to write a book; no idea where to start, so blogs ... why not?

I run a support group for anyone who survives mental health and I am currently considering going to university.

I have an eighteen year old daughter who will be attending university in September; she is my carer; I am married ... 28 years and I have three dogs!

If you would like to discuss projects with me that will make a difference in the lives of anyone out there, then contact me. I am enthusiastic, direct, pragmatic and extremely logical - must be my old business head.

If anyone would like to make a donation to my group - fabulous - I self fund it and okay, it's not easy. I use funds to book therapists who carry out specific training with my members in order for them to make positive changes to their lives.

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