...or how British. Every fibre of my being is screaming at me to stop telling people things about myself, I have the same issues trying to write a CV. Its against my very nature to try and 'sell' myself. Who cares who I am or what I think? Do you? Probably not but it seems that without knowing a few things about me that my blog wouldn't make any sense.

I like purple and the sky. A purple sky (or galaxy in the case of my backround here) is better than purple or a sky. F**k this is difficult.

I'm a mum of three from Lancashire. I was a teenage mum before MTV made it cool (KIDDING- It was cool WAY before MTV)- now I'm the weird parent of a high schooler who looks a bit like his sister and thinks she's young enough to chillax 'n' whatevs. Totes amazeballs n all that.

Funny, though, my son thinks I'm every bit as embarrassing as I thought my responsibly aged parents were- except mine were embarrassing. No, really.

My husband makes me laugh until I want to throw up, everyday- adorable after 14 years!

I have two cats, a dog and two rats. My cats are rude and the dog has the IQ equivalent of DJ Smile (PLEEEASE Youtube him!). The rats a squishy and cuddly but have the look of vacancy that tells you that no one is in.

I live a simple life in a simple palce. I like organisation and I'm a recovering perfectionist. I spend so long making things perfect that nothing is ever perfect.

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