bernadette javier

Manila, Philippines

Hello, I’m Bernadette. welcome to my blog site. this is where you’ll see the insights, random ideas and adventures that I encounter. I used to talk to myself a lot when I’m alone and it causes me stress to over think. So, rather than keeping myself busy making dilemma on my own, I decided to record it all in this piece of sh*t to lessen the reality of feeling alone. p.s (i’m not an introvert)

It contain essays/poems due to my imaginations and emotions. I do love sharing the sights or rather the views that I encounter which are beyond my dreams to see (oh, just exaggerating) so I make sure that I always capture them with whatever camera I currently hold at the moment. Yes, You’ll see a lot of photos here. be it food, people, places, or things that pleases some people’s eyes

this is my blog and this is this’ll be my epitome. xx